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Guangzhou Asia Inflatable Firm

Στοιχεία Εταιρίας:

Μάρκες : Asia Inflatables
Αριθμός Υπαλλήλων : 50~100
Ετήσιες πωλήσεις : 2,500,000-3,000,000
Ιδρύθηκε Έτος : 2007
Εξαγωγή pc : 80% - 90%

Guangzhou ASIA Inflatables Co., Limited
Inflatable Water Park Manufacturer in China!

We are a a professional Inflatable Toys Manufacturer in China that wants to help you make your rental business, party or event a BIG SUCCESS! We have designed a variety of Inflatable Water Sports Games, such as Banana boat, Flying Fish Boats, Disco boat, Crazy UFO, Crazy Sofa, Cruiser Slide, Yacht slide and other Advertising Sealed Inflatables. Each one inflatable unit is confirmed by 3D-Design before the manufacture.


ALL THE INFLATABLES is fully insured and promise to deliver our product to you with a smile. All we need from you is an electrical outlet.


Specialized in Water ball, Zorb ball, Inflatable Pools, Inflatable Water Trampoline, Inflatable Iceberg, Bounce n Slide Water Parks, Inflatable Water Parks and other Inflatable Water Games, etc.


More then 8 years experience to make Water Balls, Water Roller Balls, Zorb Ball, Zorbing Ramp, Zorbing Track, Bubble Soccer, Bubble Soccer Balls, Inflatable Balls, Inflatable Bubble Tents, Inflatable Bottle, Inflatable Sofa, Inflatable Pool, Inflatable Boats, Towable Water Ski, Inflatable Water Parks, Bounce N Slide Water Parks, Buoys, Airtight Inflatable Arches, Airtight Tents, etc., and dunk tanks! Our Inflatable Products are selling to all over the world.


Also we offers CE/UL approved blowers to comply with different market requirements.